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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do l enter the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards 2023?

The first step is to create a profile via the application portal available here, then select a category or categories and complete your nomination via the nomination form fields. Within the portal, entrants will be able to submit images and documents to support the nomination. Only nomination forms with completed answers will be accepted.

Nominations are subject to a word limit. Entries that exceed the word limit will not be able to be submitted.

You must submit your nomination form electronically and it must be signed with a digital signature.

Nominations for 2023 will be open from 3 May at 12 noon AEST and close on Friday 7 July 2023 at 5pm AEST.

If you are having issues with submitting your nomination form through the online portal, please feel free to reach out to the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards office on (07) 3006 6200. 


Q2. Is my business eligible for nomination?

Most businesses operating in the Brisbane Local Government Area (LGA) are eligible to enter the Awards. This includes:

  • businesses headquartered in Brisbane;
  • businesses that are operating in Brisbane but are not headquartered in Brisbane, provided they have a physical address from which they operate in Brisbane;
  • non-for-profit organisations operating in Brisbane that are:
    • a company; or
    • an incorporated association; or
    • constituted by a trust endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a charity and has an Australian Business Number, and registered with the the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission;
  • and companies with Brisbane City Council as a client.

The following businesses or individuals are not eligible to enter the Awards:

  • government agencies or wholly-owned business subsidiaries of the State Government, (with the exception of education institutions);
  • award sponsors in their own sponsored Award category, however they can enter other categories;
  • businesses that are a subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council;
  • employees of Brisbane Economic Development Agency and Brisbane City Council; and
  • any applicant that does not meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the terms and conditions available at: lmba.com.au

Businesses closely tied to Award sponsors, such as parent or subsidiary companies should confirm their eligibility via the enquiry form on this website prior to submitting their nomination form.


Q3. Can my business enter in more than one category?

Yes, businesses may enter more than one category if they choose, provided they meet the criteria for each category they enter.

The only category that is not open for direct nomination is the Optus Platinum Award. This is awarded to the most outstanding winner across all the business categories.


Q4. How do l nominate another business/person?

The Lord Mayor's Business Awards accepts entries from third parties. Please submit the nomination form as per the above instructions, and we will contact the relevant nominee for acceptance of the nomination.

We do suggest that any third-party nominations be made as early as possible so that the nominee has time to review, add to, and accept the nomination.


Q5. Who should I involve in helping to develop my entry?

Enlist the help of people involved in your business. Your accountant may provide the required financial data in its most relevant form. You can also get a second opinion. Once you believe you have completed your entry, seek an opinion from someone impartial to provide feedback.

Please note, that whilst Lord Mayor’s Business Awards staff and agents can answer technical questions relating to the program, they cannot assist you with your entry.


Q6. Can I only nominate for achievements during the 2022/2023 Financial Year?

Entry in all categories is open to achievements from any financial year.


Q7. Can I provide supporting material?

Supporting material can be provided for the Business Person of the Year Award or Young Business Person of the Year Award categories.

Written supporting material can be attached by nominees of the above-mentioned categories, to provide judges with written references.

All written references included in the supporting material should be referenced within the body of the nomination form (i.e. "please see attached reference"). Supporting material cannot be used to provide attachments which seek to extend responses beyond the word limit allowed in the nomination form.


Q8. How will I know if my entry is received?

An email will be sent to all entrants, within three business days of the time they submitted their entry, confirming entries have been received.


Q9. What if something changes in my contact details after I submit my entry?

Use the enquiry form on the website to inform us of your detail changes, and we will confirm these within two business days from the time the enquiry form is received.


Q10. What happens to my entry at the conclusion of the Awards?

Brisbane Economic Development Agency will retain electronic copies of all entries for probity reasons. All information on these entries will be kept in accordance with the terms and conditions.


Q11. How secure is my entry in terms of confidentiality?

Throughout the judging process the information contained in your submission will only be accessible to Brisbane Economic Development Agency, its appointed agents, Brisbane City Council and the Award judges.

Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s appointed agents and the Award judges are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement.


Q12. Who judges my entry?

The judges are local and national experts drawn from relevant business disciplines.


Q13. How will I know if I'm selected as a finalist?

All finalists will receive a phone call between 21 and 24 August 2023 (dependent upon when each category is judged). An email will be sent to all entrants after the finalists have been announced.


Q14. What is the next step if I'm selected as a finalist?

You will be required to submit a letter from an independent accountant stating the business is trading solvent. This will be reviewed by our appointed accountant to ensure finalists are financially stable and trading solvent. All financial information will be kept strictly confidential.

If you are selected as a finalist in any category, you will be required to proceed with a presentation to the judging panel. Presentations will take place in between 29 August and 13 September 2023 and last for no longer than 25 minutes. Finalists will be notified of the time and date for their presentation at least one week before they are required to present.


Q15. How do I purchase tickets to the awards event?

All tickets will be purchased from the Awards website through our secure online payment system. Tickets are $180 +GST, and available for purchase individually, or in tables of 10 ($1,800 + GST).


Q16. How have past winners used the Awards' logo?

The logo has been used on company stationery, websites and advertising material.


Q17. Who are some of the past winners and finalists of the Awards?

Please refer to the Award Winners section of the site.


Q18. Can I enter the Awards next year?

Yes. However, if you are the winner for a category and wish to enter that same category next year, your new entry must be for new or different achievements.


Q19. If I have more questions, who can I contact?

All questions relating to the Awards must be submitted via the enquiry form on the Awards website. All questions will be answered via return email within two business days from the time the enquiry form is received.

Tyron Simon af sAme sAme wins The Courier-Mail Award for Business Person of the Year