Tips for success

Keep answers clear and simple

It may be helpful to have someone outside of your business to read through your application before you submit it to make sure the information is clear and impactful to a person outside of your industry. Remember, the judges may have no pre-existing knowledge of your business so try to avoid jargon and acronyms.

Don’t skimp on detail

The maximum word limit offers a helpful guide on the amount of information to provide. To maximise the impact of your nomination, fill out each section with facts, details and examples. You will be assessed on the criteria questions, rather than your website, and supporting information cannot be used to extend your responses.

Show your passion!

This is a chance to share your unique business story, and the ways you’re making a difference everyday to life here in Brisbane. Address the criteria by showing your values, judgement and leadership skills. Engaging your business founder or CEO is often useful to add insight and detail to your submission and finalist presentation.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need help or feedback, please contact the Lord Mayor's Business Awards team (07) 3006 6200.