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Tips for success

Workshops for the 2024 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards will be held at the Brisbane Business Hub in June. These workshops will be an opportunity to share best practice and will provide helpful ‘hints and tips’ for applicants. 

Please register for upcoming workshops below:

Writing a nomination submission for the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards requires planning and reflection. Keep in mind that these awards are competitive, so it is important to:

Ensure the category is right for you

Carefully read and understand the selection criteria for the category within the portal. Review your accomplishments and projects to ensure your alignment. If applicable, businesses can enter more than one category, provided they meet the criteria for each. If required, the LMBA team is available to discuss categories with you.

Show your passion

This is a chance to share your unique business story, and the ways you’re making a difference every day to life here in Brisbane. Address the criteria by showing your values, judgement and leadership skills. Engaging your business founder or CEO can provide valuable insight and detail to strengthen your submission and finalist presentation.

Keep answers clear and simple

Don’t assume. Remember, the judges may have no pre-existing knowledge of your business. Avoid jargon and acronyms, using simple and direct language to convey your message effectively. Edit your application for clarity, accuracy, and consistency.

Be thorough in addressing all parts of the questions, as some may require responses to multiple points. Answer the question rather than providing only the information you want to share.

Having someone outside your business review your application can ensure clarity and impact beyond your industry.

Don’t skimp on detail

Nominations are subject to a word limit. Entries that exceed the word limit will not be able to be submitted. The maximum word limit offers a helpful guide on the amount of information to provide.

To maximise the impact of your nomination, support your claims with evidence such as data, statistics, and quantifiable input, explaining the context, challenges, and outcomes of your achievements. Failure to provide data may result in lower scores from the panel.

Some categories ask for specific financial data; please ensure this information is included. All judges sign a confidentiality agreement, treating all information provided as strictly confidential.

What you will be judged on

You will be assessed on your answers to the selection criteria. While supporting attachments can enhance your nomination, they do not make up part of the judging criteria*. Supporting attachments cannot be used to extend responses beyond the word limit.

*Attachments are mandatory for both the Business Person and Young Business Person categories. Both a business and personal written reference must be included, as judges will be looking at references.

Judging Process

Each category is assessed by a judging panel comprising of industry experts, with each panel operating independently. It is entirely possible for entrants to be recognised as finalists in multiple categories, as evidenced in previous years.

If you are selected as a finalist, you will be required to present to the judging panel. The presentation, including question time, will be no longer than 25 minutes.

Contact us

All questions relating to the Awards must be submitted via the enquiry form on the Awards website. All questions will be answered via return email within two business days from the time the enquiry form is received.

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