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Brisbane Welcomes You

Brisbane’s rapid expansion and development, coupled with upcoming global major event opportunities over the next decade, will see exponential growth in the city’s visitation.

The Brisbane Welcomes You program is an initiative of Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA) to upskill local businesses and volunteers in the tourism and events sector to deliver an unrivalled guest experience for visitors.

The program will help forge a reputation for Brisbane as the world’s leading host destination by creating a knowledgeable and passionate cohort of city ambassadors.

As the Regional Tourism Organisation for the Brisbane Region, our mission is to ensure that our city ambassadors provide guests with a consistently warm and inclusive experience, setting the foundation for Brisbane to be known as the most welcoming city in the world.

Program participants

The program is open to all businesses who play a role in welcoming and hosting guests in the Brisbane Region, as well as passionate volunteers with a drive to make their mark on the city.

Program participants may include those working in hotels, venues, transport, tours, events, attractions, retail, restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as volunteers across the visitor economy. 

Online ambassador host training program

The online ambassador host training program will serve to build an understanding of Brisbane’s unique offerings, and how to welcome guests across our destination during their stay in Brisbane.  

The program covers topics including world-class hosting principles, knowledge of Brisbane’s diverse experiences and tourism products, wayfinding; storytelling, accessibility and sustainability. 

Online program overview

There are five modules in the Brisbane Welcomes You program, including:

  • Module One: Our Role as Hosts
  • Module Two: Destination Pride and Passion
  • Module Three: About Our Guests
  • Module Four: Getting Around Brisbane
  • Module Five: Our Destination Experiences and Stories

Each module has been designed to build on the one before, ensuring that the course is completed in sequential order.

Each of the five modules will take 10-15 minutes to complete. The overall course duration should take no more than 1 – 1.5 hours.

You may take a break at any time and resume when you are ready within a two-week timeframe advised.

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