Earth Day 2022: Arinex’ Commitment to Sustainability

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, Arinex Managing Director Nicole Walker shares their journey to becoming the first Australian event management company to become carbon neutral and the benefits it brings to their clients.

Why was it important for Arinex to become carbon neutral?

Being certified carbon neutral by Climate Active aligned with Arinex’ long-term commitment to sustainability. Climate action is a priority for all cities including Brisbane and we felt it important to play our part.

For Arinex, taking the next step in our sustainability journey involved going through the rigorous government-backed Climate Active certification process. Through this process we were able to truly understand and reduce our organisation’s footprint and then offset our emissions with credits towards meaningful Australian and global sustainability projects.

As a carbon neutral event management company, Arinex is now better able to inspire and assist our clients to prioritise sustainability and ultimately reduce the carbon emissions of their events. 

What are the benefits of being carbon neutral to current and future clients looking to host an event in Brisbane?

Delivering an event with Arinex in Brisbane means events are half-way to obtaining carbon neutrality.

Arinex’ activities as an event management company are already offset, meaning the time and costs involved in calculating the overall emissions of an event are essentially halved for our clients.

Our first carbon neutral event was back in 2018 so we have the experience in what it takes to achieve carbon neutrality as both an organisation and for our events and we have connections with partners and suppliers across Brisbane and Australia with strong sustainability policies.

What are some examples of sustainability initiatives and strategies you’ve adopted?

Arinex is a national company with a Brisbane team of ten passionate event industry professionals who all support our organisation’s sustainability objectives.

We first introduced an environmental policy in 2019 which detailed the actions our organisation would take internally and externally to grow awareness throughout our industry. We continue to improve on this policy and most recently have banned all printed business cards for staff in favour of ‘tap and go’ digital business cards.

We have joined event management companies globally by signing the IAPCO Plastics Pledge in 2019 to drastically reduce the amount of plastic used at events. We were among over 310 industry stakeholders to sign the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference.

When assisting our clients to reduce the carbon footprint of their events, we encourage them to partner with venues, accommodation providers and suppliers with strong sustainability policies and initiatives already in place. We enjoy a strong relationship with the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), which is world-renowned for its leadership in sustainability and responsible environmental practices.

It’s about asking the right questions early in the planning process. Does the venue source food from local suppliers? How do they manage food waste and what is their policy on single use plastics? Can delegates walk to the venue from their accommodation?

Throughout Arinex’ 50-year history, we have held many events in Brisbane and spent considerable resources developing the best event technology to not only improve the management of these events but to also create sustainable outcomes.

By using our digital posters and mobile app, clients replace significant printing and paper waste, not to mention allowing for instant changes to programs at any stage of the event. Our digital abstract management program eliminates at least 60 hours of labour per 100 abstracts.

Our leading technology is among the best in the world and drastically reduces the carbon footprint of an event.

Carbon neutrality isn’t the end of our journey. It is one significant step forward in a whole-of-industry and whole-of-destination approach. The benefits we can achieve are endless.

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