lmba spotlight:

17 MAY 2024

James Fielding is a passionate advocate for hearing health, dedicated to creating a world where personalised sound experiences are embraced by everyone, fostering joy and deep connections. Dr Fielding is also CEO of Audeara, a Brisbane-based global hearing health technology company renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional personalised audio experiences through its user-friendly app-based hearing check.

What sets Audeara apart is its meticulous calibration of headphones to match everyone’s unique hearing profile, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality, improved communication, and enhanced enjoyment across various media platforms.

In 2022, both Dr Fielding and Audeara received a Lord Mayor’s Business Award (LMBA), further acknowledging their outstanding work. Dr Fielding was honoured with the Port of Brisbane Young Business Person of the Year Award, while Audeara received the CCIQ (now Business Chamber Queensland) Outstanding Small Business Award.

Dr Fielding humbly recognises that these achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering support of his incredible network throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

“The recognition we received was a true validation of our support network,” he said. “Through sacrifices, risks, and hard work, it was an emotional experience to represent our network and celebrate this win with all of them.”

Since receiving these awards, Dr Fielding and his team have witnessed remarkable growth and gained increased recognition. The LMBA accolades have provided invaluable opportunities to establish a strong reputation both locally and internationally.

“Being a small business owner over the past two years has been incredibly challenging,” Dr Fielding said. “The recognition we received through the LMBA has opened doors for us and given us the confidence to expand our presence into other countries. It has also helped attract numerous investment opportunities.”

He emphasises the significance of the awards in terms of credibility and reputation, particularly when their achievements are endorsed by the Lord Mayor. “Such recognition instils confidence in other businesses and encourages meaningful interactions. Additionally, it has helped put Brisbane on the global stage in the audio-tech sector,” he said.

“We’re on a mission to help people look after their hearing. A big part of that is reach. We need to find and have access to people to have positive conversations, and we’ve certainly been doing that on a global scale since the awards.”

The awards ceremony offered a fantastic platform for Dr Fielding to connect with like-minded professionals, and he has maintained contact and built strong relationships with many of them.

“This opportunity has allowed us to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and businesses,” he said.

“We are currently in talks for a collaboration with another finalist from the awards. We are tremendously excited about this prospect and look forward to sharing further details in the near future.”

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